The Nanny

To pass the time during the pandemic, the cast of the TV show “The Nanny” did a table read of the pilot episode.  It’s a fundraiser for Fran Drescher’s charity Cancer Schmancer and a way to revisit a funny and delightful cast.  There are visual gags, editing, and the organic chemistry between the cast remains after […]

Little Women

Five years ago I was an Associate Producer for a reality TV company reading about the Sony Pictures hack.  I looked up to Amy Pascal as one of the few big time women in the movie business as her emails were opened wide for the world to see.  Tonight I sat right across from her […]


The reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 was a fantastic summer mini series!!! It was a campy fictionalized meta story about the cast, playing themselves, coming back for a reboot. I loved every minute of it!

Live with Norman Lear

Jimmy Kimmel, Norman Lear and Justin Theroux put together a fantastic live special featuring an incredible cast recreating two scripts word for word.  Every word was as relevant today as it was then.

General Hospital

I’m always watching General Hospital.  Recently I discovered that Hulu Plus without commercials is by far the best way to watch General Hospital.  Each episode takes 35 minutes and is low maintenance: no fast forwarding and you can see exactly where you left off!  Only the 10 most recent episodes are available, but let’s be real, more […]

The 2016 General Hospital Nurses Ball

As posted in What I’m Watching: May 28, 2016 the 2016 General Hospital Nurses Ball did not disappoint, at least in terms of having male strippers perform a male-only striptease on daytime television. There were also other surprises in store… The nurses ball always tends to taper out when some major drama occurs calling half the town […]

Mad Men

There’s almost too much to say about Mad Men.  It was my April to August, 2015.  I started out thinking I could casually watch through it but by the time I started season two I was a month in.  I realized that if I was going to finish in any kind of impressive time, I […]