Bill Lawrence is one of the great television creators of our time. Scrubs is a binge watch classic. Ted Lasso gave hope to humans during a time of collective, extreme anxiety and grief. Shrinking is a story about an imperfect therapist that decides to broach the only professional indelible line and get involved in his […]

Single Drunk Female

Single Drunk Female is about Sam, a woman beginning her journey with sobriety. It’s inspiring because it’s so messy. She’s not perfect, and isn’t really all that good. Eventually she tries. But sobriety would not be her first choice. I too am currently in a state of sobriety. I was sober for a few years, […]

The Sandman

The Sandman season 1 premiered on Netflix in August 2022. I like Neil Gaiman’s stories, but I was most excited for Jon Gary Steele’s production designs, and they did not disappoint. Both Jon Gary Steele and director Mike Barker have worked on Outlander along with episode 1 actor Bill Paterson. The cast of Sandman also […]

The Bear

“The Bear” is immersive. The characters are imperfect. Food is ubiquitous. Most of the action is meal prep (which I love to watch but hate to do.) The b-roll deserves a mention. Each episode takes a style and theme.


Q-Force is a really fun animated comedy about a group of gay spies. The voice cast is incredible: Wanda Sykes, Fortune Feimster, Laurie Metcalf, Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers, David Harbour, Guy Branum and Sean Hayes (who also produced through Hazy Mills.) I loved how gay it was! It’s pretty lighthearted so made for an easy […]

Dave Chang Cooking Show

I have an LG TV and channel 101 has suddenly become my favorite FAST channel. It plays the “Dave Chang Cooking Show” which is about two hours per episode of David Chang cooking. Eventually guests show up, he explains that he’s been in the weeds and isn’t going to serve the meal on time, and […]


Oh, man. 1883 was so good. I couldn’t get screenshots so am using press photos, which I don’t like to do. I try to capture the moments that made me feel. And boy – there was a whole lot of feeling, and a whole lot of crying. The acting in 1883 is pretty great. Isabel […]


The documentary “Stutz” by Jonah Hill premiered on Netflix November 14, 2022. In it, Jonah presents the life’s work of his therapist, Phil Stutz. Dr. Stutz has one rule: you are not allowed to tell yourself anything negative. You can’t put yourself through that. His other findings throughout the film include:Radical acceptance to answer anxietyNo […]