The Bear

“The Bear” is immersive. The characters are imperfect. Food is ubiquitous. Most of the action is meal prep (which I love to watch but hate to do.) The b-roll deserves a mention. Each episode takes a style and theme.

Dave Chang Cooking Show

I have an LG TV and channel 101 has suddenly become my favorite FAST channel. It plays the “Dave Chang Cooking Show” which is about two hours per episode of David Chang cooking. Eventually guests show up, he explains that he’s been in the weeds and isn’t going to serve the meal on time, and […]

Men In Kilts

At last, the long-awaited day is here! Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish have sold a travel and adventure docuseries to Starz. “Men in Kilts” premiered today, Valentine’s Day, 2021. The best-selling book “Clanlands” and it’s audiobook companion have also been published, and fans like myself have been following this journey for a very long time. […]

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook

Food Network has come up with a really cute, low fi, easy, fun show for these difficult and intense times. Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer filmed a four episode show while quarantined in upstate NY. They cook together but it’s just a light and cute relationship to look in on. What a delightful […]

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Samin Nosrat, my new favorite celebrity chef, hosts a lovely cooking show on Netflix called “Salt Fat Acid Heat.”  The show takes you around the world as she explains the four titular components of cooking.  Not only does she explain why they make food taste good, she shows you where they come from and how […]

PBS Online

I am so excited.  I’ve just watched my first video on PBS.ORG, about Making Soft Serve Ice Cream. This is great because there are so many quality food programs on PBS.  The reason I turned to it was because of an article from Facebook about Dream of Italy, which may or may not have come […]