Ordinary Joe

Fall is back! Midseason is back! Pilot season is back! Seasonal broadcast TV development is back on track! Ordinary Joe had no ordinary path to series. It was originally written in 2009 by Matt Reeves. The pilot wasn’t ordered by NBC until January 2020, in that fateful before-time, the script having been bought but not […]

Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs is a 2021 television hit. FX and Hulu have partnered with Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo to produce the Native American comedy, filmed in Oklahoma and written by a team of all-indigenous writers. The show follows a group of delinquent teenagers in a rural reservation. They get into and out of trouble, trying […]

Frank of Ireland

I’ve been on a Irish and UK dark comedy/slapstick streak lately and I am absolutely loving it. The show “Frank of Ireland” pretty much got me from the name. It took the whole first episode to get into it but once I did I finished them all right away. (Well, I passed out after episode […]

Men In Kilts

At last, the long-awaited day is here! Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish have sold a travel and adventure docuseries to Starz. “Men in Kilts” premiered today, Valentine’s Day, 2021. The best-selling book “Clanlands” and it’s audiobook companion have also been published, and fans like myself have been following this journey for a very long time. […]

Ted Lasso

Apple TV has as close to universal appeal as 2020 will allow in “Ted Lasso.” Fans range from the celebrities I follow on Twitter (including actual Europeans that like “football”) to my own parents. And now, me. Ted Lasso is charming, funny and unselfconciously sweet. The saccharine optimism is refreshing. It’s offset by every other […]

Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is charming. Surrealist, violent, colorful; lush with dark corners and sharp edges. If you like pithy, flawed, disdainful heroes then here’s a whole family of them. “There’s no such thing as good guys or bad guys, there’s just people going about their lives.” Number 5 to Luther, The Umbrella Academy episode 105 […]

The Morning Show

The music from “The Morning Show” had to be spectacular.  After all, Apple was a music service long before providing audiovisual content.  Supertramp’s “Goodbye Stranger” was familiar to those of us drawn to this show because of Steve Carell, whose Michael Scott memorably sang “Goodbye Toby.”  Jennifer Aniston and Billy Crudup sing an oddly compelling […]