The Sandman

The Sandman season 1 premiered on Netflix in August 2022. I like Neil Gaiman’s stories, but I was most excited for Jon Gary Steele’s production designs, and they did not disappoint. Both Jon Gary Steele and director Mike Barker have worked on Outlander along with episode 1 actor Bill Paterson. The cast of Sandman also […]


Peacemaker is at once winsome and gruesome. James Gunn knows how to make a story serious, absurd, juvenile and deep, with a highly stylized look and fantastic score. The cinematography is notable and wonderful- I had a million screenshots and could have taken more. I enjoy television that will kill it’s darlings in a violent […]


When I heard that there was a mural of “Lucifer” painted by @wisesnail in Brooklyn to advertise the final season on Netflix, I had to go see it. I was devastated that the series was ending and wanted to mark the moment. Lucifer is a really special show. On the surface it’s a procedural with […]

For All Mankind

For a show with Man in the title, there sure are a lot of women in charge. Ronald D. Moore (or “L. Ron Moore,” as I’ve taken to calling him due to his tendency to inspire cult-like fanbases) is not shy about strong, complicated, flawed female characters. “For All Mankind” puts women on the moon […]

Wonder Woman 1984

The beginning and end of Wonder Woman 1984 reduced me to an absolute puddle of tears. A strong young girl’s ambition is guided, never belittled. She is allowed to compete unabated. Fairness is the only rule. The history of Wonder Woman is honored too. Just because the lasso has passed from one woman to another […]

Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is charming. Surrealist, violent, colorful; lush with dark corners and sharp edges. If you like pithy, flawed, disdainful heroes then here’s a whole family of them. “There’s no such thing as good guys or bad guys, there’s just people going about their lives.” Number 5 to Luther, The Umbrella Academy episode 105 […]


I really loved the show iZombie! Diane Ruggiero-Wright and Rob Thomas did a lovely job adapting a comic book series to television. A campy sci-fi procedural, the characters were funny and really became beloved over time. Liv was a rare sort of female antihero and lead. Clive grew on me, but Ravi as Liv’s nerdy […]


Time is in abundance, yet somehow I’ve found myself watching even less television than usual.  I’ve been staying with my sister and her family in New Jersey during this Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s hard to watch TV 24/7 like I’d usually because her kids, aged 6 and 10, come running into any room a TV turns […]

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

Apple TV premiered with a small group of shows, but they packed them with huge budgets and stars.  I’m working my way through all of them.  I started with the Morning Show, am looking forward to Little America, and am crying at the trailers for “Visible: Out on Television” so I’m saving that one for […]