Good Timing with Jo Firestone

As the pandemic raged on, Jo Firestone bravely led a class of senior citizens to the stage. The resulting 2pm standup comedy airs on the Peacock app and is very much worth watching. It’s hilarious, sweet, and life affirming. We all know that senior citizens have the raunchiest sense of humor and Jo encourages her […]

The Inauguration of Biden and Harris

January 20, 2021 was a momentous day. I spent the entire day – from 8:30am to 10pm – watching the various broadcasts on NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC. As Nancy Pelosi said in a press conference today, what a difference a day makes. Amanda Gorman gave an absolutely standout performance reciting her poem, “The Hill […]

Expecting Amy

The draw to HBO Max for me is the documentary “Expecting Amy.” It details her pregnancy and preparation for the 2019 Netflix comedy special “Growing.” Neatly divided into three parts that I am just now realizing were about one hour each, it is either a long documentary or short miniseries. So, for a new streaming […]

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook

Food Network has come up with a really cute, low fi, easy, fun show for these difficult and intense times. Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer filmed a four episode show while quarantined in upstate NY. They cook together but it’s just a light and cute relationship to look in on. What a delightful […]

The Nanny

To pass the time during the pandemic, the cast of the TV show “The Nanny” did a table read of the pilot episode.  It’s a fundraiser for Fran Drescher’s charity Cancer Schmancer and a way to revisit a funny and delightful cast.  There are visual gags, editing, and the organic chemistry between the cast remains after […]

Late Night Talk Shows

The abundance of precaution to slow the spread of Coronavirus has hit the entertainment industry suddenly, and hard.  My thoughts are with the freelancers right now, who have just gotten through winter and were about to replenish savings.  Television is going to look different for the next year.  Pilots that were just about to start […]


Today I watched the Impeachment Inquiry led by the United States House Intelligence Committee.  There are few moments like it in history where television is absolutely vital. Television reflects and affects culture.  It’s a powerful means of uniting many different people by showing them the same thing at the same time. There was a time […]


The reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 was a fantastic summer mini series!!! It was a campy fictionalized meta story about the cast, playing themselves, coming back for a reboot. I loved every minute of it!