Simon Amstell: Set Free

On the recommendation of John Cameron Mitchell’s instagram, I watched the Netflix special from Simon Amstell and could not have been happier or more touched.  He has a similarity to the great Hannah Gadsby in the way that he tells his truth.  I loved this special.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and […]

When They See Us

Ava DuVernay has an incredible talent for historical storytelling.  Her attention to humanity in cinematography is unmatched.  As “Selma” made real the experience of Dr. Martin Luther King, “When They See Us” tells the story of the lives, families and community of the wrongfully accused boys known as the Central Park Five.  

Live with Norman Lear

Jimmy Kimmel, Norman Lear and Justin Theroux put together a fantastic live special featuring an incredible cast recreating two scripts word for word.  Every word was as relevant today as it was then.

Amy Schumer – Growing

I laughed so hard at Amy Schumer’s new Netflix special, “Growing.”  This very morning I looked at my calendar, saw that it came out today, downloaded, and started watching/listening as soon as I left the house.  This resulted in me laughing hysterically on the subway (attempting to do so silently of course) all the way […]

Hulu Presents: Puppies

PUPPIES HULU HAS PUPPIES PUPPIES CRASH CHRISTMAS Seriously, I can’t even contain my excitement at the cuteness of these puppies. In addition, Hulu is renewing the promise of the Yule Log with “Roast,” simply filming and showing in real time an entire hour to cook a roast in the oven. I guess it’s like moving wallpaper […]

Michelle Wolf: Nice Lady

I absolutely loved this comedy special!!!  It is so funny.  I really became a fan of Michelle Wolf this year.  “Jokes Seth Can’t Make” on Late Night with Seth Meyers, her incredibly scathing performance at the 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner, “The Break with Michelle Wolf” on Netflix and now this.  I think she’s forever […]

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Oooh this one’s good.  Hannah Gadsby has changed the meaning of comedy with this one.  A little art history, a lot of feminism and the funniest take on trauma and sexual assault you’ll ever see.  Just be prepared for a few tears.

Terry Crews

Among all the women that #metoo has brought forward in activism, Terry Crews has been a singular male voice speaking out against toxic masculinity and abuse of power.

2 Dope Queens

These four HBO specials are very funny.  And the best way to enjoy them is the same way they were apparently premiered: in pajamas under blankets, warm and tired and ready to laugh yourself silly.  The friendship between Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson is so delightful.  Then they bring in comedians who come out with […]