Better Off Ted

Today’s a Sunday that I need to fit both lounging and working in. Cannot procrastinate. Deep desire to chill out. Tasks absolutely need to get done – it’s crunch time. And I have been meaning to write, write write for such a long time! Solution: A program that will move my television agenda forward (my […]

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers takes the viewer into the experience of battle: the confusion, the camaraderie, and the horror. As acclaimed as it’s been for the last twenty years, I hadn’t necessarily expected to like it. I don’t have an easy time following war stories and don’t enjoy them much. I understand now why it’s still […]

The Late Show – with live audience

On March 12, 2020, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert went on without an audience. 460 days later, Stephen Colbert returned to The Late Show stage with a full audience. He seemed ecstatic, and to be honest, it was a contagious feeling. It felt good to see Colbert in his element – in front of […]

It’s a Sin

It’s not just that tears were streaming down my face. I was wailing, crying, inconsolably sobbing. An endless supply of tissues wasn’t enough – still isn’t. Because even just looking at stills from “It’s a Sin” has me feeling like… you know you’ve been crying so much that your head gets stuffy and achy?

The Inauguration of Biden and Harris

January 20, 2021 was a momentous day. I spent the entire day – from 8:30am to 10pm – watching the various broadcasts on NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC. As Nancy Pelosi said in a press conference today, what a difference a day makes. Amanda Gorman gave an absolutely standout performance reciting her poem, “The Hill […]

Supreme Court Oral Arguments

For the first time in history, the United States Supreme Court is holding arguments over the phone and broadcast on C-SPAN!  Audio recordings of arguments have been available online for the last ten years, posted at the end of the week, but this is the first time the public can hear an argument while it’s […]

The Nanny

To pass the time during the pandemic, the cast of the TV show “The Nanny” did a table read of the pilot episode.  It’s a fundraiser for Fran Drescher’s charity Cancer Schmancer and a way to revisit a funny and delightful cast.  There are visual gags, editing, and the organic chemistry between the cast remains after […]


Time is in abundance, yet somehow I’ve found myself watching even less television than usual.  I’ve been staying with my sister and her family in New Jersey during this Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s hard to watch TV 24/7 like I’d usually because her kids, aged 6 and 10, come running into any room a TV turns […]

Late Night Talk Shows

The abundance of precaution to slow the spread of Coronavirus has hit the entertainment industry suddenly, and hard.  My thoughts are with the freelancers right now, who have just gotten through winter and were about to replenish savings.  Television is going to look different for the next year.  Pilots that were just about to start […]