The documentary “Stutz” by Jonah Hill premiered on Netflix November 14, 2022. In it, Jonah presents the life’s work of his therapist, Phil Stutz. Dr. Stutz has one rule: you are not allowed to tell yourself anything negative. You can’t put yourself through that. His other findings throughout the film include:Radical acceptance to answer anxietyNo […]

Terry Crews

Among all the women that #metoo has brought forward in activism, Terry Crews has been a singular male voice speaking out against toxic masculinity and abuse of power.

I’m Stumped, You Guys

It’s Monday night and I don’t know what to watch! There are just too many choices out there. Yes, that’s the whole point of the blog- to ease this kind of event when it happens to you. But that doesn’t mean I dont get stumped sometimes just like everyone else. Just keeping it real. Posted […]

Tuesday Primetime: Fall 2015

Welcome to Tuesday!  Here’s what I’ll be watching (and flipping to on commercials): At 8pm: Scream Queens (The Muppets, The Voice) At 9pm: Scream Queens (Dancing with the Stars) At 10pm: Limitless (Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, Dancing with the Stars) Next week: Fox is going from light to dark with comedy Tuesdays.  […]

Monday Primetime: Fall 2015

Welcome to Fall Primetime!  This year’s lineup is as exciting as ever, riding the waves of the good stuff from last year and adding in a good portion of new shows too. Here’s what I’ll be watching, and flipping to on commercials tonight, on Opening Monday: At 8pm: Gotham, Dancing with the Stars At 8:30: […]


It’s fantastic. I also watched the pilot of The Flash.  It was very good as well.  So glad Berlanti is having a year, it’s well deserved and a long time coming.


Listen, I’ve never seen this show in my life, but I’d already watched American Idol fully two nights in a row so I figured what the hell.  Having said that: I’m happy I saw Nate’s new television family (Peter Krause in Six Feet Under… as I’m sure you know) I sure hope Lorelai and Raymond stay together. […]


American version on Showtime- just skipping around season 4. I loved the UK version so haven’t wanted to watch all of the US one. It’s amazing to watch once but might be a little much for twice. They’re both incredible though! Posted using Tinydesk blog editor

The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report comes to a close, as does an era. The impact of this show was tremendous. It was unique and nothing less than genius, and will be sorely missed! Check out last night’s credits: Posted using Tinydesk: WordPress blog editor