Emily in Paris

“Emily in Paris is a Fluffy, Charming Cliche Souffle” Vanity Fair I couldn’t agree more, aptly named Vanity Fair. Indeed, Emily in Paris is light and airy. If you want to watch a show that looks pretty, moves quickly and gathers little moss but an impressive number of sexual partners, this might be the show […]

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook

Food Network has come up with a really cute, low fi, easy, fun show for these difficult and intense times. Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer filmed a four episode show while quarantined in upstate NY. They cook together but it’s just a light and cute relationship to look in on. What a delightful […]

Making It

“It feels like we’ve made something with heart.  And it feels like it could be good medicine for people.”     -Nick Offerman “One thing we hope people take away from the show is that making things connects you to each other, to yourself and to a bigger world.  And we all kind of need that […]