Expecting Amy

The draw to HBO Max for me is the documentary “Expecting Amy.” It details her pregnancy and preparation for the 2019 Netflix comedy special “Growing.” Neatly divided into three parts that I am just now realizing were about one hour each, it is either a long documentary or short miniseries. So, for a new streaming […]


In 1973 Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared before the Supreme Court in the case of Frontiero v. Richardson.  Sharron Frontiero was interviewed for the CNN documentary “RBG.” “Nice girls don’t speak up, nice girls don’t make demands… well, too bad.” -Sharron Frontiero Hear and read the transcript of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s first Supreme Court argument as […]

If you’re not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast.

Comedy nerd, or enjoy conversing with the elderly?  Watch “If you’re not in the obit, eat breakfast” from Carl Reiner and co.  I’ve been reading the perfect book companion, too: Judd Apatow’s “Sick in the Head” which consists of 600 pages of interviews with many of the people in this film and basically any comedian […]

Chelsea Does It

I really liked this series.  I got to watch it with my awesome and amazing best friend.  We’d actually seen Chelsea perform years ago on a girls trip to Vegas but, since we had stayed up the entire night before thinking we could sleep all day in the day spa, I don’t remember much about her show except how appreciative […]