Peacemaker is at once winsome and gruesome. James Gunn knows how to make a story serious, absurd, juvenile and deep, with a highly stylized look and fantastic score. The cinematography is notable and wonderful- I had a million screenshots and could have taken more. I enjoy television that will kill it’s darlings in a violent […]

Stath Lets Flats

Stath Lets Flats is weird, funny and even more awkward and cringe-inducing than The Office (either version). It won BAFTAs for best comedy and comedy performances. Jamie Demetriou has created something original and lovable.

It’s a Sin

It’s not just that tears were streaming down my face. I was wailing, crying, inconsolably sobbing. An endless supply of tissues wasn’t enough – still isn’t. Because even just looking at stills from “It’s a Sin” has me feeling like… you know you’ve been crying so much that your head gets stuffy and achy?

Wonder Woman 1984

The beginning and end of Wonder Woman 1984 reduced me to an absolute puddle of tears. A strong young girl’s ambition is guided, never belittled. She is allowed to compete unabated. Fairness is the only rule. The history of Wonder Woman is honored too. Just because the lasso has passed from one woman to another […]